Monday, April 30, 2007

Annotation #3

PROGRAMMED TO KILL: Video Games, Drugs, And The 'New Violence'
By: Michele Steinberg

This artical is about how video games, 'program you to kill.' Saying that video game violence, 'deliberatly' addicts children to them. Using references to such articals as;

-Littleton, Colorado

-Springfield, Oregon

-Jonesboro, Arkansas

-Paducah, Kentucky

-Pearl Mississippi

-Moses Lake, Washington

All of the cases listed above (Most noticably, Littleton Colorado) all invlove, 'satanism, nihilism' and an obsession of violence and destruction. Being known as, 'Nintendo Killers', video games which were designed to train soliders to kill are being sold and played by young children.

Author, Lt. Colonel David Grossman, an Army psychologist who specializes in the training process of soliders for combat wrote a book on the force of war and killing, ON KILLING: THE PSYCHOLOGICAL COEST OF LEARNING TO KILL IN WAR AND SOCIETY. Lt. Colonel Grossman noticed and realized that an important part of the school murders was influenced by video games.

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