Thursday, April 26, 2007

Annotation #1

Playing With Our Minds

Copyright Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Summer 2006. All rights reserved.

The article, ‘Playing With Our Minds’, shows off examples of how computer and video games have changed our youth and could possibly influence violent and homicidal behaviors. Video games such as, Rockstars ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ and many other M-Rated games. Classifying who is and isn’t a Video Gamer is quite tricky though from those who; Play games to just kill time, or those who will pick up a game and spend most of their day playing it.
The United States Military released a free game known as, America’s Army (A.A.) as an idea to recruit new people. They believed that some video games help one hone their fighting skills. Others assume that Video Game players are nothing more than, ‘Bloodthirsty monsters’ that, ‘create Mindless dehumanized people’.

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