Monday, April 30, 2007

Annotation #3

PROGRAMMED TO KILL: Video Games, Drugs, And The 'New Violence'
By: Michele Steinberg

This artical is about how video games, 'program you to kill.' Saying that video game violence, 'deliberatly' addicts children to them. Using references to such articals as;

-Littleton, Colorado

-Springfield, Oregon

-Jonesboro, Arkansas

-Paducah, Kentucky

-Pearl Mississippi

-Moses Lake, Washington

All of the cases listed above (Most noticably, Littleton Colorado) all invlove, 'satanism, nihilism' and an obsession of violence and destruction. Being known as, 'Nintendo Killers', video games which were designed to train soliders to kill are being sold and played by young children.

Author, Lt. Colonel David Grossman, an Army psychologist who specializes in the training process of soliders for combat wrote a book on the force of war and killing, ON KILLING: THE PSYCHOLOGICAL COEST OF LEARNING TO KILL IN WAR AND SOCIETY. Lt. Colonel Grossman noticed and realized that an important part of the school murders was influenced by video games.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Annotation #2

VIolence, Games & Art

By: Thom Gillespie
Maitre d'lgital

"One of the most difficult task people can perform, however much others may despise it, is the invention of good games. . ."- Carl G. Jung

The media in general influenes the American public. For instance, everyone wearing Nike Air tennis shoes. How a television show which was just a fictional show, marketed how much an item was sold. The television series, 'Simplemente Maria', a Peruvian soap opera was about how a house hold domestic bought a Singer Sewing Machine and begins sewing and changes her life. Not only the SHOW but ASWELL as the Singer Sewing Machine became popular with it's sales and the such.

Annotation #1

Playing With Our Minds

Copyright Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Summer 2006. All rights reserved.

The article, ‘Playing With Our Minds’, shows off examples of how computer and video games have changed our youth and could possibly influence violent and homicidal behaviors. Video games such as, Rockstars ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ and many other M-Rated games. Classifying who is and isn’t a Video Gamer is quite tricky though from those who; Play games to just kill time, or those who will pick up a game and spend most of their day playing it.
The United States Military released a free game known as, America’s Army (A.A.) as an idea to recruit new people. They believed that some video games help one hone their fighting skills. Others assume that Video Game players are nothing more than, ‘Bloodthirsty monsters’ that, ‘create Mindless dehumanized people’.